Our Mission Is To Champion A World Where Women Can Thrive And Remember That They Are The Hero In Their Own Story!


Rani \rah-nee\: a Queen in her own right.

The name Rani, is a nod to our founders' Southeast Asian heritage, meaning a Queen in her own right. Reminding women to embrace their own super powers is near and dear to their hearts.

With Miriam being a mom and Sukhi notoriously always on the go, they wanted quick and high quality beauty solutions, but struggled to find them.

They decided to create what they wished for and started our company for the busy everyday women. One who needs quick and easy beauty solutions that enhance their own unique features. 

After sourcing materials from around the world, they found the best quality ingredients for our products. And are proud to bring these little beauties to you.

A Note from Sukhi & Miriam:

We were tired of finding lashes that were so over the top it was almost comical. We wanted a line of lashes that truly looked natural and enhanced our natural beauty. After searching through articles and different MUAs, it was still hard to find the lash styles that complimented our faces. We teamed up with lash experts, and created a personalized quiz that analyzes every eye shape and suggests styles that enhance your own shape. We hope to help bring that ‘looking good and feeling good’ confidence quickly to your day!


We value giving back to make our world a better place to live in. 5% of all proceeds go towards supporting our causes. YOU help us in providing resources that break the cycles of poverty.

Women of Worth is a charitable organization we support that runs everything from mental-health talks to self-defence workshops, leading young women into a new era of empowerment, enabling girls to use their voices, learn about their rights, stand up for themselves and become leaders in the workforce.

Save the Children is another charitable organization we support. It is estimated that around 5 million children under the age of 5 die from preventable causes and about 250 million kids cannot read due to harmful yet preventable situations in their personal lives. This non-profit works in over 100 countries every year to help over 100 million children get the proper healthcare, education and protection that they need to thrive.