The Rani Project


The Causes We Support

Casa de Luz 

Casa de Luz is a transition orphanage in Mexico where we sponsor single women who cannot work if they don't have child care. Casa de Luz helps women get back on their feet and gives them the ability to work while their children are cared for. 

Women Across the Globe

Something near and dear to our heart is helping to educate women across the world who don’t have access to education. YOU help us donate books and computers to libraries that are accessible to women in Pakistan and India. Providing these resources helps women break out the paths they were born into. 

Magic Bus 

The Magic Bus Foundation focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty by empowering at-risk children with the resources to complete secondary education and gain skills to become employable upon graduation. Educating girls serves to have them continuing to college, marrying much later, having fewer children and most importantly educating their own children. 

40 million females drop out of school by age 14

27% of girls get married before they turn 18

600 million young people living below poverty lines.


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